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Independent, Connected and Safe

Social Care


We believe in a socially sustainable world of equality and diversity. We strive to empower people in need of assisted living to be as independent as possible. By focusing on abilities and making use of the best available technology, we want to make it possible for everyone to live a fulfilling life.


Independence, connection and security

Feeling independent, connected and secure is an important need, even for people unable to live on their own. This includes both young people and adults with various types of disabilities who are living in group homes* as well as the elderly who are moving into nursing homes.*


Creating a home environment tailored to the individual’s needs

Today, there are many alternatives for the elderly and those with special needs. These facilities must cater not only to residents, but also relatives and care-givers. Modern technology is playing an increasing important role in both improving care for the individual and making these facilities more attractive and competitive.


Better care for an aging population

Society today faces a number of new challenges. An aging population is placing increasing demands for individually tailored assisted living. At the same time an increasing number of people are being diagnosed with cognitive disorders. This means that keeping care costs at a manageable level will require a concerted effort from both private and public players in the healthcare sector.